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Night Zookeeper Review

Night Zookeeper Review

In today’s fast-paced world, nurturing a child’s creativity and imagination is of paramount importance. The Night Zookeeper program, available at, is a captivating online platform that has been designed to do just that.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the Night Zookeeper program and its mission to inspire children to express their creativity, boost their writing skills, cultivate a love for storytelling, and my review with all the good, bad, and ugly.

Night Zookeeper Night Zookeeper Review Night Zookeeper is NOT for everyone. Read my unbiased review and find out if this program is a fit for your family.

The Night Zookeeper: An Introduction

The Night Zookeeper program is an innovative online platform that takes storytelling and creative writing to a whole new level. Developed by a team of educators, writers, and tech enthusiasts, it offers a unique and engaging experience that is both educational and fun.

The core concept of Night Zookeeper is built around the magical world of a night zoo. In this whimsical universe, children become the “Zoo Keepers,” with the responsibility to care for and create fantastical creatures, write imaginative stories, and embark on adventures that are limited only by their own creativity.

If your child loves pretend play and creative writing, then Night Zookeeper is the program for you!

When we first tried Night Zookeeper it was an epic fail. We refer to my son as the “little old man” because he’s never been one for pretend play or childish things. He’s always behaved like a little old man and focuses on the facts and figures.

Since Night Zookeeper is focused on creativity, he struggled with the concept. He didn’t see the point of writing about something that wasn’t real…creative writing is not his strong suite. So, I realized, he needed a more technical writing program and we switched.

Fast forward a couple of years and my daughter found her brother’s Night Zookeeper books….she LOVED them! Now, she is a creative bombshell in a 4′ body…this girl oozes creativity and is ALL about pretend play.

This year I decided to give Night Zookeeper another try and it’s a PERFECT fit for her creative spirit!

Night Zookeeper Review
I’ll be honest, this program is not for everyone. If your child is more pragmatic then I would focus on technical writing instead of creative writing.

Key Features of Night Zookeeper

  1. Creative Storytelling
    • Night Zoo Keeper encourages children to unleash their creativity and construct their stories.
    • Through interactive challenges and missions, young writers are given the opportunity to craft tales that come to life in the night zoo.
    • With every story they create, children contribute to the ever-expanding lore of the Night Zoo.
  2. Personalized Feedback
    • The platform provides personalized feedback and suggestions to help improve writing skills.
    • This constructive feedback is delivered by the Night Zoo Keeper team, making the learning experience more engaging and rewarding.
    • I will say, the feedback tends to be rather generic, but it’s typically positive reinforcement and my daughter loves it.
  3. Gamification – Learn more about the benefits of Gameschooling
    • Night Zoo Keeper gamifies the writing process, making it an enjoyable and immersive experience.
    • Completing challenges and collecting virtual rewards motivate children to continue writing and creating.
  4. Educational Benefits
    • The program offers an educational advantage by enhancing vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills.
    • It is an excellent tool for parents and educators who want to provide a creative and educational outlet for their children.
  5. Community and Social Interaction
    • Children can share their creations with a global community of young writers and receive feedback and encouragement from their peers.
    • This sense of belonging and community fosters a love for writing.
    • As a homeschool parent, I’m always fighting that “socialization” stigma and probably over compensate for it. This program gives my daughter another way to connect with kids and feel like part of a community.

How Night Zoo Keeper Works

  • Sign Up: To get started, parents or guardians can sign up for a Night Zoo Keeper account at
  • Create a Night Zoo: Children are encouraged to create their own night zoo, complete with magical creatures and settings.
  • Write Stories: Children can embark on writing missions, create characters, and compose their own stories.
  • Receive Feedback: The Night Zoo Keeper team provides personalized feedback to help young writers improve their skills.
  • Share with the Community: Children can share their stories with the Night Zoo Keeper community and receive comments and encouragement from other children.
Creative Writing Program for Homeschoolers
This program is perfect for kids that love pretend play and have a big imagination!

My Personal Thoughts About Night Zookeeper

Night Zookeeper is not for every kid…and that’s okay!

Like with most curriculums, you’ll have some kids who LOVE it and you’ll have some kids who will fight you every step of the way…I had both kids.

If your child has a big imagination and is constantly playing pretend, then this is probably the perfect language arts program for them. For my daughter, Night Zookeeper is right up her alley. She will spend hours creating new creatures and coming up with their stories. She’ll write the most imaginative stories and she thrives on the positive feedback she receives.

On the flip side, if your child is more pragmatic and into facts, you may need to keep looking. For my son, this felt like school work because he is so matter-of-fact. He would fight me every day about doing the writing exercises and then he discovered a loophole in the system where he could just play around and not actually do any writing work. It’s funny how different our brains are, and that’s the beauty of homeschooling! But, if I ask him to write me a report about chimpanzees, he’ll knock it out of the park.

The Night Zookeeper program is more than just a writing platform; it’s an imaginative and educational adventure that inspires children to become confident writers and storytellers. So, if you’re looking to encourage your child’s creativity, is a wonderful program.

Night Zookeeper Discount for Homeschoolers

Whenever I find a discount for Night Zookeeper I will update this blog post. Make sure you check back soon.


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