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Nicole the Math Lady Review

Nicole the Math Lady Review

The number one struggle I hear from homeschool parents is the daunting task of teaching math. Well I have an answer for that! Today I’m sharing my Nicole the Math Lady review. Nicole the Math Lady has made math the favorite subject in our house.

Homeschooling can be a wonderful and rewarding experience, allowing parents to customize their children’s education and create a tailored learning environment. However, it’s not always easy, especially when it comes to subjects like math. In fact, teaching my kids math is what held me back from homeschooling for a long time!

For a few years, we used Teaching Textbooks and it was going great! My kids understood the concepts and were moving along seamlessly. But, I knew I needed a more rigorous math program because my oldest is interested in engineering and computer sciences. I started looking at Saxon Math…but, honestly, I felt intimidated about teaching my kids math, even with a fantastic program like Saxon.

This is where “Nicole the Math Lady” steps in, offering a solution that can revolutionize math education for homeschoolers.

Nicole the Math Lady Review
Nicole the Math Lady offers a valuable resource for homeschoolers looking to enhance their children’s math education.

Who is Nicole the Math Lady?

Nicole the Math Lady, also known as Nicole Wilcox, is a renowned educator who has dedicated her career to making math fun and accessible for students of all ages. With over a decade of teaching experience, Nicole has developed a unique teaching style that resonates with students and parents alike.

I first met Nicole the Math Lady at the Southeastern Homeschool Expo this past summer. I attended her session called “Sticky Math: Six Strategies to Make Math Come Alive” and her session was right on point!

She started off her presentation by making everyone stand up and follow along with a silly dance that secretly taught us the concepts of graphing. From there we dove straight into ways to go about making math FUN!

There were about 50 or so other adults at this seminar and when she started asking us to solve complex math equations, it was like EVERYONE was back in 6th grade begging NOT to be called on. We were intimidated and embarrassed that we couldn’t solve the equations. But Nicole kept the mood upbeat and shared a few of her tips and tricks with us. Within just a few minutes, math concepts that were difficult for me growing up, starting making sense BECAUSE of the way she presented them to us.

I was immediately sold! If she could teach me so much in just an hour long session, then I can only imagine how much she could teach my kids in a year long program.

Saxon Math Homeschool Program with Nicole the Math Lady
The Saxon Math Homeschool Program is an easy switch when you use Nicole the Math Lady.

Nicole’s Approach to Teaching Math

Nicole’s teaching philosophy is simple but effective: make math enjoyable and understandable. She employs various engaging methods to ensure that students not only grasp mathematical concepts but also develop a genuine interest in the subject.

Here are some key elements of her teaching approach:

  1. Enthusiasm:
    • Nicole is known for her boundless enthusiasm for math.
    • She uses her energy and passion to inspire her students, showing them that math can be exciting and accessible.
  2. Clear and Concise Instruction:
    • Nicole breaks down complex concepts into simple, understandable steps.
    • Her explanations are easy to follow, which is particularly helpful for students who may struggle with math.
  3. Interactive Lessons:
    • Nicole incorporates interactive elements into her lessons to keep students engaged.
    • This may include using props, real-life examples, and hands-on activities to illustrate mathematical concepts.
    • My daughter loves the joke breaks and songs for remembering math facts.
  4. Accessible Resources:
    • She provides a range of resources, including video lessons, workbooks, and practice problems, to support students’ learning at their own pace.
How to Teach Math When You Don't Like Math
As homeschoolers we feel the need to do it all. But the truth is, outsourcing is one of the best ways we homeschool our kids! Find the experts that can do it better!!

Why Homeschoolers Should Outsource Math Education to Nicole the Math Lady

Expertise in Saxon Math

Saxon Math is a comprehensive curriculum that requires a deep understanding of its structure and philosophy. Nicole has mastered this curriculum, making her an ideal choice for teaching it to homeschoolers.

Confidence Building

Many parents find math intimidating, and this insecurity can be inadvertently passed on to their children. Nicole’s teaching style fosters confidence in both students and parents, eliminating the fear often associated with math.


Homeschooling parents often juggle multiple responsibilities. Outsourcing math instruction to Nicole frees up time, allowing parents to focus on other subjects and aspects of their children’s education.


Nicole’s lessons ensure consistency and a structured approach to math education, helping students build a strong mathematical foundation.

Engaged Learning

Nicole’s engaging teaching methods make math enjoyable for students, sparking their curiosity and encouraging them to explore math further.

Is Nicole the Math Lady a Secular Math Program

Nicole the Math Lady is a perfect choice for families and schools looking for a math curriculum that doesn’t mix in religious teachings. In Nicole the Math Lady’s programs, you won’t find any religious content; it’s all about math!

Nicole the Math Lady teaches Saxon Math which known for its structured, step-by-step approach to teaching math concepts. This secular math program is great for students who want to build a strong foundation in math.

Nicole the Math Lady Parent Dashboard

One of the key features of the “Nicole the Math Lady” parent dashboard is real-time progress tracking. Parents can stay up-to-date with their child’s math education without the need for constant supervision. Here’s how the dashboard enables real-time progress tracking:

  1. Assignment Tracking: Parents can view the assignments and tasks assigned to their children. They can check when assignments are completed and submitted, providing insights into their child’s commitment to learning.
  2. Quiz and Test Results: The dashboard displays quiz and test results immediately after completion, allowing parents to identify areas where their child excels and where they may need additional support.
  3. Lesson Completion: Parents can monitor which lessons their child has completed, ensuring that they are following the curriculum as intended.

The parent dashboard goes beyond showing completed assignments; it also highlights areas where children might be struggling. Here’s how:

  1. Performance Metrics: Parents can access detailed performance metrics for each lesson or assignment, including scores and time spent. This information helps parents pinpoint specific topics or concepts that require extra attention.
  2. Progress History: The dashboard often includes a progress history that shows trends in a child’s performance. If scores or completion rates decline in certain areas, parents can intervene and provide targeted assistance.
Nicole the Math Lady Homeschool Saxon Math Review
As homeschoolers we feel the need to do it all. But the truth is, outsourcing is one of the best ways we homeschool our kids!

For families with multiple children in different grade level programs, the “Nicole the Math Lady” parent dashboard simplifies the management of their educational journeys. Here’s how it caters to the needs of such families:

  1. Multi-Child Profiles: The dashboard typically supports multiple child profiles under a single parent account, making it easy to switch between children’s progress and assignments.
  2. Grade-Level Customization: Parents can set grade-level parameters for each child, ensuring that the curriculum aligns with their educational needs.
  3. Consolidated Information: The dashboard aggregates information from all children’s profiles, allowing parents to have a comprehensive overview of their homeschooling efforts.

Free Trial for Nicole the Math Lady

Nicole the Math Lady offers a valuable resource for homeschoolers looking to enhance their children’s math education. Her passion, expertise in Saxon Math, and engaging teaching style make her an excellent choice for those who want to provide a strong mathematical foundation for their children while making the learning process enjoyable.

Outsourcing math education to Nicole can empower both students and parents, making homeschooling a more enriching experience.


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