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Homeschooling in Virginia

Homeschooling in Virginia

Please note, this is not intended as legal advice. This is for informational purposes only and should you choose to Homeschool in Virginia then you need to double check the Virginia Department of Education website for current regulations.

Virginia Homeschool Laws Homeschooling in Virginia Planning on homeschooling in Virginia? Make sure you're following these regulations so your homeschool stays in compliance with Virginia homeschool regulations.
Planning on homeschooling in Virginia? Make sure you’re following these regulations so your homeschool stays in compliance with Virginia homeschool regulations.

Virginia homeschool laws outline three basic options for home instruction in the state:

  1. Follow the Virginia Home Instruction Statute, which regulates that homeschool parents must meet specific educational criteria, file a notice of intent to homeschool, comply with immunization requirements, and submit evidence of academic achievement annually
  2. Teach under a certified tutor provision
  3. Claim the religious exemption statute for a bona fide excused attendance from public schooling based on sincere religious conviction

Most families who homeschool in Virginia choose the option outlined in the Virginia Home Instruction Statute. This statute mandates four main requirements of homeschool families:

  1. A notice of intent to instruct a child from home
  2. Evidence of at least one of the following: parent holds a high school diploma or equivalent (or higher), parent holds a teacher certification, student will be enrolled in a correspondence course/distance learning program, or evidence that parent is able to provide adequate education for a child
  3. Submission of a list of subjects to be studied in the coming year
  4. Evidence of academic progress submitted by August 1 of each year

The best way to stay on top of changes in homeschool regulations is to connect with other local homeschoolers in Virginia.

Virginia Secular Homeschool Groups

Compass Homeschool Program

“Compass Homeschool Program offers families in the northern Virginia and metropolitan DC areas a menu of high-quality, in-person classes in core, elective, and enrichment topics. Compass is a secular, inclusive program that offers a warm, welcoming community. Compass families represent a wide range of homeschooling philosophies, ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, races, religious beliefs, and political affiliations.”

Homeschool Out of the Box (HSOBX)

“Homeschool Out of the Box (HSOBX), a unique homeschooling co-op experience located near the intersection of Indian River Rd. and Military Highway. Two aspects of HSOBX set us apart from other quality home school experiences in the Tidewater, VA area: our commitment to high-level secular instruction and our dedication to developing a homeschooling community. We are known for our passionate instruction and strong bonds. If you’re looking for support, friendships and quality instruction for your homeschooling family, HSOBX is the home for you. We strive to maintain an inclusive community and would love for you to join us! Feel free to contact us, we would love to talk with you.”


“Secular and affordable, ala carte academic and enrichment classes for grades K-12 in Burke, VA.”

Secular Homeschooling in NoVA

This is a secular, inclusive group for those homeschooling/unschooling in Northern Virginia. People of all faiths are welcome, but the group is secular.

Secular Homeschooling in Virginia

“This group exists to facilitate the sharing of information, resources, curricula, events, advice, guidance, and experience, to help connect Virginia homeschooling families to each other, and to help all of us achieve a successful and rewarding homeschool life, together. We define “secular homeschooling” as an approach to education which relies on evidence-based texts and practices (as opposed to a strictly religiously determined approach to education) and rejects any oppressive and discriminatory norms that have come to be associated with a narrow and religious homeschooling. Secular does not mean atheist, and we emphasize that those of all faiths are welcome in the group. Additionally, a focus of this group will be to help each other incorporate anti-racist, anti-bias, anti-oppressive, and LGBTQ+ affirming curriculum into our personal homeschooling as well as any homeschooling groups we belong to.”


This is an inclusive organization for homeschoolers in the state of Virginia.


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