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Homeschool Supplies: What You Really Need and What You Don’t

Homeschool Supplies: What You Really Need and What You Don’t

This list of homeschool supplies cuts out the junk you don’t need while focusing on the items that you really do want for starting homeschooling. Some homeschool supplies are over-rated while other homeschool supplies are essential...learn what you need and what you can skip.

Homeschool Supplies
Before you buy ALL The Things for homeschooling, read along to find the homeschool supplies you actually need and what you can skip!

One of my fondest memories about back to school was going school supply shopping. There’s nothing better than getting fresh, brand-new pens, markers, notebooks, etc. I remember how exciting it was to pick out which Lisa Frank folder was the perfect one for me. As a kid, it was so exhilarating to me whether I got the purple pencil case or the turquoise pencil case. School supply shopping is fun for kids….even as homeschoolers, I still take my kids homeschool supply shopping to get them excited for the new year!

But, remember, homeschooling is NOT recreating school at home….so there’s a few essentials that you do need to make life easier, there’s a few fun things to pick up, but there’s definitely some homeschool supplies that are over-rated.

Homeschool Supplies: What to Buy and What You Can Skip

These homeschool supplies are perfect for any age...the nice thing about homeschool is that you don't have to buy new school supplies every year. So, invest in some really good quality items that will last and you can use year after year.

Watch for future posts on age specific homeschool supplies.


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