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Disney Homeschool Days 2023

Disney Homeschool Days 2023

Does Disney World offer homeschool days? In this blog post we’re going to dive into all the things that Disney offers homeschoolers, Disney Homeschool Days, and how you can do school at Disney!

Disney Homeschool Days
Disney is reimagining the way they offer “Disney Homeschool Days”. Read on to learn how to homeschool at Disney…

Unlocking the Magic of Education: Turning Your Disney Vacation into a Learning Adventure

A trip to the enchanting world of Disney is a dream come true for children and adults alike. Beyond the captivating characters and thrilling attractions, a Disney vacation has the potential to be a transformative educational experience.

But, it can be a quite pricey experience as well! As a homeschool mom, I’m always looking for the deals and constantly checking to see if places offer homeschool days.

Does Disney offer Disney Homeschool Days?

Disney Homeschool Days
Twice a year Walt Disney World held homeschool days with special programming and events just for homeschoolers.

Several years ago, Disney offered the Disney Youth Education Series which was basically Disney Homeschool Days. Twice a year Disney would put on an event for homeschoolers and community groups to participate in several days worth of workshops, events, and special educational programming.

Unfortunately, Disney has reimagined their Disney Youth Program into a new “Disney Imagination Campus” and they are no longer offering these Disney Homeschool Days.

BUT, don’t get discouraged. In typical Disney fashion, they haven’t completely done away with this experience…they’ve simply reimagined it into something that some may call even better!

What is Disney Offering Instead of Disney Homeschool Days?

The newly reimagined Disney Imagination Campus allows you more flexibility and customization than the old Disney Homeschool Days. The new focus is on smaller groups with more targeted learning objectives.

As long as you have a group of 15 students or more, you can participate in one of the many Disney Imagination Campus programs. This option gives families a nice opportunity to purchase discounted Disney tickets and participate in an amazing Disney education program. Programs are now divided into four main categories: Performing Arts (minimum of 20), Arts and Humanities, Science and Technology, and Leadership and Innovation.

Many of these programs give students a behind the scenes look at some of Disney’s most popular attractions.

If you don’t have 15+ students, don’t worry, you can still participate in the discounted Disney Imagination Campus tickets for students.

Disney recently partnered with Kahoot! to offer an educational experience for groups of 10+ who book through the Disney Imagination Campus. This educational opportunity is accessed through a mobile device and takes students on a virtual program at one of the parks.

So grab a few other homeschool families and start planning an educational experience like no other!

Plan Your Own Disney Homeschool Days

Don’t feel like putting together a big trip for others and just want to book a regular Disney family vacation? Disney always has special offers open to the public…and finding educational opportunities at Disney is super easy!

Every time we go to Disney World, we dive into a world of wonder and a week full of learning without even trying! Read on to learn how I turn our family vacation into a Disney homeschool field trip.

Is Disney World educational?
Taking a trip to Disney World can be highly educational if you take the right steps!

Creating a Unit Study for Your Disney Field Trip

  1. Pre-Trip Research:
    • Before embarking on your Disney adventure, engage your family in pre-trip research.
    • Together, explore the history of Disney, the making of classic films, and the innovative technologies used in the theme parks.
    • Encourage your children to delve into books, documentaries, or online resources that offer insights into the creative process behind Disney’s iconic characters and stories.
    • This research will enhance their understanding and appreciation of the Disney experience.
  2. Disney Park Exploration:
    • As you step foot into the Disney parks, look beyond the thrills and immerse yourselves in the educational opportunities each park has to offer.
    • Encourage your children to read maps, learn about the architecture and design of each land, and discuss the cultural influences portrayed in different areas.
    • Take advantage of live shows, parades, and character interactions to spark conversations about storytelling, acting, and performance art.
  3. Science and Technology:
    • Disney attractions are marvels of engineering and technology.
    • From animatronics to innovative ride systems, there’s plenty to ignite curiosity in the fields of science and technology.
    • Encourage your children to ask questions about how things work and engage in discussions about the principles of physics, mechanics, and engineering behind the magic.
    • Attractions like Spaceship Earth in Epcot or the Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom provide excellent opportunities to explore the intersection of technology and entertainment.
    • Epcot has an entire section dedicated to STEM in their Future World section at the front of the park. We could have spent an entire day exploring all of this before entering the World Showcase to be immersed in culture.
    • I will admit, Epcot is an underrated gem when it comes to turning a Disney vacation into an educational adventure!
  4. Cultural Immersion:
    • Disney’s commitment to cultural representation can be a springboard for learning about different traditions, customs, and history.
    • Encourage your family to explore the World Showcase in Epcot, where each pavilion represents a different country.
    • Engage with the cultural representatives, try authentic food, and learn about traditional music, dance, and art.
    • This immersive experience fosters a global mindset and encourages appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures.
  5. Wildlife Conservation:
    • Disney’s Animal Kingdom is not only a theme park but also a hub for conservation and education.
    • Take advantage of the park’s numerous exhibits, animal encounters, and shows to learn about different ecosystems, endangered species, and conservation efforts.
    • Engage in discussions about the importance of protecting the environment and the role each individual can play in preserving wildlife habitats.
  6. Behind-the-Scenes Tours:
    • Consider participating in Disney’s behind-the-scenes tours, such as the “Backstage Magic” tour or the “Imagineer for a Day” experience.
    • These exclusive opportunities offer unique insights into the creative process, technological innovations, and attention to detail that make Disney parks so extraordinary.
    • By going behind the scenes, you and your family can gain a deeper understanding of the efforts involved in bringing the magic to life.
Disney Field Trip

A Disney field trip holds the potential to be more than just a thrilling experience. By incorporating educational elements into your trip, you can transform it into a rich and immersive learning adventure for the whole family.

From pre-trip research to exploring the parks, diving into the science and technology, experiencing different cultures, and engaging in wildlife conservation, there are countless ways to make your Disney vacation an educational journey.

So, embrace the magic, unlock your curiosity, and embark on a Disney adventure that combines entertainment and learning, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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